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Moves List
The days are in actuall real life days

Arm Extender:Takes 2 days to learn

Power Blast:Takes 3 days to learn

Body Change Beam:takes 5 days to learn.At the end of the Battle you must change back.

Big Bang Attack:takes 5 days to learn

Burning Attack:Takes 5 days to learn

Flying: everyone can do this

Cannon Beam:Takes 3 Days

Control of Opponent:Can be used only for 5 seconds.Takes 6 days to learn

Super Blast:takes 3 days to learn

Daichiretsuzan:(a blast that cuts threw anything)takes 5 days

Death Ball:(Blast used to destroy Namek) takes 7 days to learn

Destructo Disc:Takes 1 day to learn

Dynamite Kick:(stong on humans but worthless to anyone else)takes 0 days to learn

Enerugii Kyuushuu:(ablility to absorb energy)takes 2 days and can only be used by Androids.

Eye Beam:Takes 1 day to learn

Final Flash:Takes 5 days

Finish Buster:Takes 5 days

Food Change: (change people into something) Takes 14 days and can only be used by Buu's.

Fusion:Takes 7 days to learn

Galick Gun:Takes 4 days to lean

Galick:Ho: (Like Kamehameha, but less powerful)takes 1 day to learn

Power Ball:Takes 1 day to learn

Spirit Bomb:You must have Training From King Kai before getting this.Takes 1 week

Self Distruct:(Using this move will kill you)Takes 1 week to learn, unless you are an Android it comes naturaly

Multi Beam:Takes 2 days to learn

Kaioken:You must have Trained under King Kai.Takes 1 week to learn

Raining Multi Ball:Takes 2 days to learn

Kamehameha: Takes 4 Days to Learn

Kamikaze Ghost: Takes 5 days to learn

Ki:Ko:Ho: Takes 3 days to learn

Light Speed: Everyone gets this naturally

Makankosappo: Takes 5 days to learn

Masenko: Takes 4 days to learn

Mind Freeze: Takes 1 week to learn

Shin:Ki:Ko:Ho: Takes 4 days to learn

Shinshin:No:Ken: Takes 4 days to learn

Shiyoken: Takes 2 days to learn

Solar Flare:Takes 3 days to learn

Souki:Dan: Takes 4 days to learn

Spirit Bomb: Have to train under King Kai and takes 1 week to learn

Instant Transmission: Takes 10 days to learn

Time Freeze: Takes 1 week to learn

Triform: Takes 2 days to learn

Zanzoken:Comes naturally. (move so fast that leaves the image else where)

Diamond Beam:Takes 3 days to learn

Power Sense:Takes 2 days to learn