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Money rules
Items and things you can buy and cost
Moves rules
Teams rules
Training rules
Deaths rules
Saiyan Race
Namek Race
Changling Race
Android Race
Buu Race
Human Race

RULES I need to get this updated with the new rules but this is a brief discription of the rules

You start off with 500 dollars.You may use this money to buy: senzu beans, Space ships, work out, equipment and lots of other things.If you win a battle you get 1,000 dollars and if you lose you get 500 dollars just for competing. Every time you train u get 1,000 dollars or more.

Items Things you can buy Cost
Senzu Beans 50
Weighted clothing varies check shop page
Armor varies check shop page
Space Ship 1,000,000
Dragon Ball Radar 10,000
Dragon Ball 500,000,000,000

Moves- You have to start with 2 moves.After those 2 moves you have to wait and train for the moves. The move waiting period will be posted on the Moves section. You have to pick a planet you want to be on and you need a ship or you need to know instant transmission to get to another planet.And you can only fight people on your planet unless you have a ship and go to fight them on the other planet.

Teams-There can be teams, if  you agree with one another.

Training-You pay for Training Cost PL you get you can also train in the training room which is free
Kami's Training 2,000 2,000 PL
Master Roshi 3,000 5,000 PL
Gravity Chamber 4,000 6,000 PL
Gravity Note:You must be 9,000 PL before going in here
Time Chamber 5,000 7,000 PL
King Kai's You have to be Dead 10,000 can only train with 1 a week.

Death- You can only Die twice, after that, you have to be wished back by some one else, or bring us 5 pics that I don't have on the site.

PL- You start of with 5,000 PL and work your way up.

Saiyan Race
Rank PL you need Sayain Race:
Super Sayain 100,000. Then jumps to 150,000
Ultimate Super Sayain 400,000. Then jumps to 500,000
Super Sayain 2 700,000. Then jumps to 900,000
Super Sayain 3 2,000,000. Then jumps to 2,500,000
Fusion 4,000,000. Then jumps to 5,000,000
Super Sayain 4 7,000,000. Then jumps to 9,000,000

Namek Race:
Super Namek 100,000. Then jumps to 500,000

Changling Race:
2 Form 300,000. Then jumps to 350,000
3 Form 500,000. Then jumps to 750,000
4 From 2,500,000. Then jumps to 3,000,000

Android Race
Super Android 400,000. Then Jumps to 700,000

Buu Race
Buu's: (even though you might be called this you are not this Rank):
Kid Buu 300,000. Then jumps to 350,000
Skinny Buu 500,000. Then jumps to 650,000
Fat Buu 1,000,000. Then jumps to 1,500,000
Majin Buu 4,000,000. Then jumps to 4,500,000
Super Buu 6,000,000. Then jumps to 7,000,000

Human Race:
Super Human 100,000. Then jumps to 500,000